About Us - Search firms

Blu-Alliance was started in 1998 and is now a nationally recognized, award winning Search, Consulting and Contract Talent firm for the LIFESCIENCE Industry in North America.  Our clients are companies involved in clinical development, research, manufacturing, healthcare management and distribution of devices and drugs that allow people to live healthier lives worldwide. We have 50+ years of experience in our firm, so we’re confident in our abilities. We work with clients who are CRO’s, biotech companies, medical device, healthcare management and pharmaceutical companies who look to us for assistance in recruitment and talent acquisition. Many of which we have retained for over a decade. 



What’s important to you is the value we bring. Unlike many of our competitors, we focus ONLY on LifeScience industries and it’s supporting companies allowing us to become masters of one industry. We work with a wide range of roles with a wealth of experience and a diverse talent-base that allows us to provide your organization with expert advice and insights through a personal and consultative approach. We offer 3 types of placement; Search, Consultants & Contract Talent. Below are reasons why you can feel confident in contacting us.

Proven Success
Most Firms will promise results, but do they have the proven track record to back it up? We are a recognized leader for top performance. At Blu-Alliance our growth has been astounding over the years by making long-term, sound placements. This tremendous growth has triggered numerous Awards & Recognition, including being ranked as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for two years in a row. But the numbers that count to you are our unbelievable placement retention rates. Sticking with numbers, due to our stringent recruiting methods and careful screening, we have far higher retention rates for both our direct hire roles and interim roles than our competition
Candidate and Client Approval
Everything starts with our clients and candidates. They are our most important critics. In our 15 years of doing business, we have built our client and candidate base to include some of the finest and largest companies and some of the most sought after candidates in the life Science industry across the US.
Qualified Candidates
Blu-Alliance has over 100,000 resumes in our database. This means we have access to specialists around the country who will answer our calls. They understand how important our connections are in the LIFESCIENCE industry. With each position, our experienced team find out every detail from the client’s position requirements to the environments down to the company’s culture and even dress code. At Blu-Alliance, we’re not just matching skill-sets, we’re matching people.
Strong Relationships
 Blu-Alliance senior management team has a combined total of almost 5 decades in the LIFESCIENCE recruiting industry. As a result, relationships have been fostered and strengthened over the years. To the prospective client, this means a tighter bond with our candidates.
Our Process
Many clients are not aware of the meticulous steps we take to ensure that we put our best foot forward with every candidate submittal. This thorough recruitment process is what separates us from the competition. We start our process by reaching out to our extensive list of relationships. We spend hours on the phone or in-person discussing a possible match. We speak to references of qualified candidates, asking just the right questions to discover red flags in the conversations. And lastly, we present and prepare our top choices for your approval.
Pesonal Attention
Our philosophy is simple; provide the best customer service possible to distinguish us from others in our industry. Blu-Alliance has a policy called “Customer Experience” where we assign a Relationship Manager to ensure a single point of contact. Our clients find having their one point of contact not only gets to know them, but their company culture and their group too. We build strong bonds which have ultimately brought us the best in talent as well.
Work Ethic
There are numerous firms out there who will make promises to fill your needs. However, we will not only work hard for you but we’ll always keep your best interest in mind. We pride ourselves in our work ethic, as this is what has fueled our success. Our dedicated team service our clients and candidates with the utmost sense of urgency because we understand that our success is directly tied to your satisfaction.
Our Employees
One of the most important advantages of utilizing Blu-Alliance is our dedicated and experienced team. Our culture is founded upon hard work and dedication. We’re here to work for you.

EVERYTHING starts with our customer. We differentiate ourselves through our proven results with our customers. We are a group of skilled recruiters with a LifeScience focus. It’s all we do. We have a long standing record of helping the industry’s leading life sciences organizations achieve their goals. We do this by finding the best in talent so they achieve optimal results for quality performance, operational excellence, and greater business value.

Wrong hiring decisions can result in the loss of competitive advantage and unnecessary costs. But, if you get it right, it can transform your business.