We’re a niche’ firm, so we only work with LifeScience & supporting companies, such as HealthCare Management companies. Yes, we’re unique in other way’s too; we won’t tell you we have a million positions that the other firms have. We’re focused on the best positions with the best companies in our industry. You will hear only the truth from us. This means we won’t tell you we can help you if we can’t. We’ll have your best interests in mind. 

Our goal is to help match experienced and skilled individuals with positions  that are available with our clients. We do this across North America. Placements are made through direct hire positions, consulting positions, contract and contract-to-hire. We work hard to help our industry in all situations.  While our positions are all within the LifeScience & HealthCare Management industry, they range in experience and skill levels such as; operations, finance, production and all facets of business and technology. By submitting your resume to Blu-Alliance, you will increase your chances of hearing about the exciting careers that are brought to us by our clients. Often these positions are not made public. Confidentiality is of the upmost importance at all times. Trust is at our core.

Common positions needed are:

Engineers, Technicians, Scientists, Regulatory Professionals, Compliance Experts, Manufacturing and Production positions, Research & Design, Principles, Directors, Leads, and many, many others.

We are interested in your job search and make returning calls and emails a priority. If one of our recruiters feels you match a position they are working on, you can expect a call. If a client has an interest in speaking with you, we’ll prepare you for the meeting. Once you have been approved for a position, either direct hire or contract, and have accepted, we’ll keep in touch with you as your career moves forward.

Career position quoteEven if you’re not actively looking to make a career change, your situation may change in the future whether it’s your choice or that of your employer.  Therefore, when a Blu-Alliance recruiter calls, it never hurts to talk, or listen, to what opportunity they present to you.

We are confident that you will enjoy your experience with Blu-Alliance. Most  firms end the relationship when the placement is made. At Blu-Alliance  your placement is virtually where the relationship begins. Our recruiters make it common practice to keep in touch with you. They are genuinely interested in how your doing.

If you’re a talented professional looking for the best connections in the LifeScience or Healthcare Management industry. You’re looking for Blu-Alliance.

Please do not hesitate to forward your resume to: